About Us

personalityone is a company that sells personality and fashion hoodies to the world. It mainly sells customers in the United States, Japan, Canada, and the United Kingdom to provide the highest quality products.
At personality plan we offer a wide range of products ranging from tastefully designed hoodies, zippers, t-shirts, shorts to posters and 3-D illuminated lamps in every possible design of comic, cartoon, movie or anime characters. If you don’t find something quite to your taste, just tell us what you want and let our team of professional art designers show you their magic. Your wish is our design!
We here at personality do not just print characters on pieces of cloths, we surround ourselves and live with them.
Our team of professional art designers are highly invested in the work they do and put nothing short of raging passion into each design they create.
We believe that personality is a life style, not just a place to sporadically shop cool hoodies from and we want you to indulge in this life style with us.
Each item is designed and carefully printed under the supervision of our extremely talented and highly competent art designers stationed in each and every one of our factories equipped with the most advanced equipment to ensure that your personality experience is seamless and exhilarating.
We have behind us several years of experience in clothing design and the most advanced production technology to deliver absolutely the best set of clothes to touch your skin.
In the multitude of factories, we have set up over the years there is a setup of professional production equipment that has the ability to manufacture thousands of items per day altogether while maintaining the utmost standard of quality.
We at personality work immensely hard to ensure that the best and only the best reaches you for which our team of supervisors go through each product manufactured to make sure it is worthy of our honored customers. The personality team values nothing more than the satisfaction and felicity of our customers. We want everyone to join in and enjoy the experience of a lifetime with us – the personality lifestyle.
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